<p><b>CEDEK</b> (pronounced Sah’Deck) represents the perfect definition of the attitude and spirit in the ever-changing world of music culture. Formerly known as the electronic dance music act “Kid Cedek”, he has proven to the masses time and time again that there is no way to fit him in any kind of box. <b>CEDEK</b> is a boundless creative with a finger on the pulse of right now. Taking a short hiatus in the studio in 2014, he is back with a vast arsenal of dance floor driven tunes along with several new projects that showcase his abilities as a vocalist, producer, engineer, &amp; songwriter. Whether performing his new live set or showcasing or moving through various styles of music seamlessly as a DJ, it’s clear to see why he has been able to maintain such an incredibly progressive fan base. </p><p><b>CEDEK’s </b>perpetual motion isn’t just limited to how swiftly he moves through genres in a set. The name may have changed, but CEDEK is no rookie. From maintaining a diverse and impressive tour and live appearance schedule throughout the years that has included the Ultra Festival Shuttle, Vans Warped Tour, SXSW, A3C Indie Rap Festival, an appearance on XM Radio’s <b>Sway in the Morning</b> program --to a live set on SKREAM x BENGA’s BBC Radio 1 show in early 2014. Having also collaborated with tastemakers such as <b>ETC!ETC!</b>, <b>MUST DIE!</b>, and many more CEDEK quickly became a favorite of BBC Radio 1 personality Kissy Sell Out and a diverse crew of top names including <b>A-Trak</b>, <b>Diplo</b>, <b>Skrillex</b>, and many more. </p><p>Being able to bridge the sonic gaps between the now unifying rock, rap, and dance cultures keeps <b>CEDEK</b> in high demand.</p>
LocationAtlanta, GA
PressMark Garces
BookingMark Jodas
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